Live at Heart Conferences

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David Silbaugh
Ruud Berends
Allison Shaw
Bill Wilson
Anca Lupes
Andy Jones
Umong Shah
Anastasia Connor
Neeta Ragoowansi
Ulrika Holmberg
Faravid Svalfors af Ugglas
Moa Stefansdotter
Europe In Sync
Sandy Graham
Annika Karlsson
Rozalind MacPhail
Online Writing Camps
Mark Sparrow
Chris Rogers
Robert Singerman
Markus Linde
Meet the A&R:s
Katia Giampaolo
Tommy Rehn
Magnus Sundberg
Carina Sava
Zanyar Adami
Victor Danell
Hannes Krantz
Martin Rolinski
Roger Gisbourne
Peter Åstedt
Grace Puluczek
Dan Fintescu
Eric Musyoka
Mike Strano
Chiahua Yeh
Mattias Tell
Marii Reimann
Anita Rivas
Boyan Robert Pinter
Sosi Chamoun
Jon Tornblad
Johan Fågelström
Jenny Jernberg Ralphsson
Emanuel Blom
Moder Jord - för god för att kolsyra
Jimmy Olsson
Live at Heart Filmpitch
Work in Progress Film
We are Voice – your digital music friend
Grant Tilbury
Elle Exxe
Meli Posch
Jim Butler
Rebecka Digervall
Stageplots, Setlists & Saving the World
How can I become a sustainable artist?
Staffan Lindberg
Alina Minkova
Louise Lindén
Do you have what it takes!
How to make merchandise
Presentation of new companies
Do you want to be a manager?
Meet the European festivals
Meet the International festivals
How to approach media
East Europe the new hot market
The new management role
Do it another way! New market Africa
Future of the music industry
Amanda Högberg
Axel Stjärne
Michael Horvath
What to consider when writing comics
Stef Gaines
Inger Scharis
Ami Ekström
Student Academy Award - Meet the screenwriters of Get Ready With Me
Masterclass: Inger Scharis
Meet Crazy Pictures!