Live at Heart Film is based on the overall concept of giving opportunities to movies from not yet established film workers and to provide a platform for networking with other film workers, musicians and professionals within the entertainment industry. The goal with Live at Heart Film is to widen the platform earlier established by Live at Heart merging the cultural venues for music and film.

Live at Heart Film is arranged by Örebro Filmförening who has been arranging film festivals since 1998. Örebro Filmförening is a non-profit who, from last year 2016, started working year around with promoting film initiatives and building networks for film workers in the Örebro region – something that will also provide a stronger foundation for Live at Heart!  

The Live at Heart festival-pass works naturally as entry for the screenings but if you’re only interested in film a membership in Örebro Filmförening will do as a ticket as well. A membership costs 100 sek and more info is found at:

Live at Heart Film will this year have a bigger focus towards showcase opportunities with different new sections in the schedule, which will build the opportunities in the Live at Heart meeting place. As usual the bigger part of the events will happen at local theatre Bio Roxy, Hotel Scandic Grand and town square Stortorget.

Independent Feature Film

This section contains independent movies from all over the world. We will continue working with screening of movies that are financed by money outside of the established forms. We will as usual invite the filmmakers to attend the festival.

Swedish Media Festival

This new section within the festival is a contest for Swedish production companies and corporate films they made (not commercials). These films are a big part of the filmmaker’s job but given that, they does not get any high standard appreciation. These films also have an obvious connection to our showcase-theme during the festival and are a good opportunity for companies to show their work. The contest will be held during Thursday of the festival.

Work in progress

We want to keep building the meeting place with a bigger focus on showcase where filmmakers, financiers, distributers can meet and discover one another and discuss new projects. The festival will in this regard devote a day to arrange different plattforms for filmmakers to display their work like everything from script readings to test screenings. The day devoted to this will be Friday.

Short Film 

The short film section continues 2017 with the possibility for international, national and regional filmmakers to send in their movies. The best submissions will be granted screenings during the festival within different categories like horror, drama, regional movies etc. with the five most prominent movies of all the submissions entering our short film contest decided by a jury from the film industry.

Outdoor Cinema

The popular concept with outdoor cinema also continues with three movies during the festivals last three days at the central square Stortorget.